University of Bristol

Samuel Whitehouse

I started my PhD in the VI Lab in 2016 after finishing a Computer Science MEng at the University of Bristol. My primary focus is recognition of activities from unscripted sequences using Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion.
My research is funded by the SPHERE project (EPSRC grant EP/KO31910/1).


"Recognition of unscripted kitchen activities and eating behaviour for health monitoring." S.Whitehouse, K. Yordanova, A. Paiement and M. Mirmehdi. 2nd IET International Conference on Technologies for Active and Assisted Living (TechAAL 2016), Full Text Available.
"What's cooking and why? Behaviour recognition during unscripted cooking tasks for health monitoring." K. Yordanova, S. Whitehouse, A. Paiement, M. Mirmehdi, T. Kirste and I. Craddock. IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom Workshops 2017), Full Text Available.