University of Bristol

Miltiadis Alexios Papadopoulos

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Miltiadis Alexios Papadopoulos was born in 1989 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2013 he received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), after having enriched his knowledge around Robotics, Autonomous Control, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Electronics, Microcontrollers, Programming. In addition, he participated in projects including research on telecommunication symbols assignment and transmission through non-linear amplifiers, practical training at Chemnitz University of Technology and the 3D virtual modelling of AUTh. It was not until 2008 when he joined PANDORA, the department’s voluntary robotics team, where he stayed until his graduation, thus broadening his knowledge and expertise on related topics. At first, he occupied administrative and hardware posts but later on began managing the Computer Vision subteam as its lead programmer, vision specialist and leader. In July 2013, he received his engineer’s diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering after having successfully defended his dissertation titled “System Argus: Human detection and pose recognition based on RGB-D data” under the supervision of Dr Delopoulos. He currently works as a Research Assistant for the University of Bristol and member of the Marie Curie ESR projectPROVISION, in pursuit of his PhD in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, under the supervision of Professor D. Bull and Dr D. Agrafiotis.