University of Bristol

David Gibson

David Gibson received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom in 2000. He is currently a Research Associate at the University of Bristol and his primary interest is in the understanding and perception of natural motion. Recent activities include building and implementing a high frame rate, multi-camera, three dimensional insect tracking system. Three dimensional motion capture data extracted by the system was used to animate CGI ants in a BBC production of the Natural World production about driver ants. He was awarded EPSRC funding for a three year investigation into the Understanding Biological Motion using Moving Light Displays. This work has lead to a better semantic understanding of human behaviour in image sequences. Dr Gibsons latest work has involved building a novel multi-core multi-processor computational camera that implements low latency adaptive visual processing. The system is designed to be compact, energy efficient and is capable of tracking objects at 1000 fps.